All costumes, costume weapons, and props must conform to state, federal, and city laws. They must also conform to these guidelines:

  • Super-realistic military, police, or firefighter costumes will not be allowed.
  • Metal armor and shields must have dull edges so as to not potentially injure anyone.
  • Costume weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons. All prop firearms must have a red or orange cap on the barrel. If the weapon is made of steel or of a similar metal (sword, spear, etc.), it must be secured inside a sheath. At no time shall a real metal weapon be removed from its sheath. Sufficiently blunt wooden staves and bullwhips are also permitted, subject to peace bonding at entry.
  • Costume weapons capable of firing projectiles (Nerf guns, airsoft guns, bows, etc.) Will not be allowed. Bows must not be strung.
  • Projectiles of any kind are forbidden. This includes airsoft ammo, Nerf darts/arrows, water, “Exploderz”, fluids or any other substances, soft or hard, which can be fired from a weapon. Arrow props may not have tips and may not be fired.
  • All costume props and weapons must be peace bonded by Las Cruces Comic Con staff prior to show entry. Peace bonding is mandatory. After inspection all guns will have will have zip ties attached to their triggers indicating that they are unusable as weapons and safe for display.
  • If Las Cruces Comic Con staff identifies any costume prop or weapon to be dangerous at entry or at any time during the show, you will be asked to remove the offending item from the premises or it will be confiscated. Las Cruces Comic Con reserves the right to determine on a case-by-case basis what is considered a prohibited costume prop or weapon.
  • If your costume prop or weapon is confiscated it will be tagged with your name and held by Las Cruces Comic Con staff. It will be returned to you once you depart the event. Las Cruces Comic Con will not be held responsible for any damage to confiscated items under its possession. When in doubt, leave it at home!
  • Do not brandish weapons or props in a threatening manner. Please be aware of how security personnel may interpret your actions in or outside of convention areas.
  • Any prohibited (dangerous) weapons purchased from vendor areas or won as prizes must be securely packaged and immediately removed from the convention center.

Violation of the above costumes, props, and weapons rules may result in ejection from Las Cruces Comic Con without refund and possibly the notification of local law enforcement.