Contest participant consents to the use of pictures taken during the contest by the Event for promotion of future events and contests.

The Costume Contest will have three categories: Adult (age 14+), Junior (age 0-13), and Group (2 or more people).

  • Contestants must enter at the Information Area in the El Paso Convention Center Lobby
  • A valid Event ticket/pass granting access to the event is required to enter the Costume Contest
  • Contestants must arrive at the contest location 30 minutes prior to contest start time to check in for the dry run
  • During the show, all contestants will walk across the stage and show off their costumes to the audience
  • The judges may ask each contestant a few questions
  • Contestants will be expected to stay for the entire duration of the competition

For weapons policy and general costume rules please look under the convention rules.

  • All decisions on costumes entering the facility shall be at the sole discretion of Event staff
  • Should your costume be/become an issue, Event staff will ask that you either change or leave the premises
  • Your costume must not be wider than 4 feet across, longer than 6 feet, or taller than 8 feet
  • You MUST be able to easily maneuver your costume over stairs or ramps unassisted
  • Armor cannot pose a threat to others
  • No Jumping onto or off of the stage
  • You must have unobstructed vision at all times (i.e., must not need to remove a piece of your Costume in order to see)
  • Any bow-type weapons may be strung, but only loosely in a manner that would not allow them to be fired
  • Projectiles of any kind are forbidden
  • All prop arrows must have soft, non-metal, blunted tips made out of foam or cardboard only
  • Projectiles of any kind are forbidden
  • You may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess
  • You may not use smoke effects, fire, explosives, or any other environmental hazard in any capacity
  • No throwing items to the crowd, spraying the crowd with water guns, fake blood, or other liquids
  • You may display your prop weapons only as costume pieces
  • Do not swing or brandish your prop in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening
  • You may not have any other weapons that may cause harm to others including but not limited to, sharpened metal-bladed weapons or blunt weapons (like brass knuckles, clubs and nunchaku)
  • You may not have items that cause excessive noise levels like megaphones and air horns
  • NO WEAPON THAT COULD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE CONFUSED WITH A REAL GUN WILL BE ALLOWED regardless of whether or not it has an orange tip or an unrealistic color
  • Guns of a clearly unique design may be allowed at the discretion of Event staff (Space Marine Blaster, Star Wars Blasters, Halo style Convent Pulse Rifle, etc.)
  • All costumes must cover at least as much as a 2 piece bikini would
  • No nipple tassels, C-cups etc. (men are encouraged to wear dance belts if wearing bodysuits)
  • Naked is NOT a costume
  • Barefoot cosplays will be required to wear shoes, however they can be temporarily removed for photo ops
  • If it is illegal outside of the convention, it is illegal inside the convention
  • Contestants are responsible for any damages to convention property as a result of their actions during the contest
  • Judge’s rulings are final and cannot be contested

The contest will be held in the Las Cruces Convention Center Panel Room on Saturday (see schedule for exact time).  By submitting an entry, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by all rules set forth ABOVE.


While no changes to these rules are foreseen, certain circumstances may require the rules or times be changed. Please check the rules periodically leading up to the event.