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to better serve the low-end basketball shoes market, Nike launched the special KD Trey 5 series. After staying away for nearly a year, we have Nike KD Trey 5 II again in the summer of 2014. Shoes still use low to help design, with the use of XDR technology herringbone big bottom. Hyperfuse shoes with exaggerated heel design, red Swoosh, dynamic flying line, KD Logo decorative shoes above, will be lit as a whole. It is reported that Nike KD Trey 5 II will be officially listed in the near future, number: 679865-603. Nike SB: a low-key high texture new to Dunk Hi Pro for high style, the whole body of the shoe with high degree of texture suede, overall composition only in black and gray two colors, although only in a monotonous tone form but still does not lose its excellent design, is absolutely love retro style shoes fans the most lov Cheap air jordans for sale e. The Dunk Hi Pro Premium is expected to be released on July, and friends who want to start may pay more attention. British fashion name END. clothing recently featured a wacko Maria, a variety of new autumn and winter, and took the new styling specials. Under the leadership of Mori Nobuhi and Shizuka Keiji, Maria Wacko is good at the Japanese style street style and religious design elements of integration, designed to BOY BAD's attitude so that we become the focus of the street. The shelves of new products including printed with the words "Paradise Tokyo" T-shirt, sweater, and necessary winter's Plaid shirt and overalls, and so on, is simple and easy to wear is the brand to convey the design concept. The new Maria Wacko 2015 fall winter series has landed END. online shop, the body in Japan's friends can visit Maria Wacko Tokyo flagsh foamposites for cheap ip store to find out what! source: END.Swedish footwear brand Gram recent to join the Swedish fashion designer Carin Wester, with means "black" in Japanese "Kuro" as inspiration for all the fans to bring a series of classic shoes Dongkuan 380g. Use light gray, dark blue, burgundy and so on subtle light brown color as the main theme, this elegant route to go mature series with full grain leather drum dyed in Korea with ballistic nylon, and 12 oz dyeing cotton, man-made fabrics made of reflective uppers, lining part in the use of bringing comfort and superior wicking performance fabric 3M Scotchguard treatment of micro and tried replace the previous top stitch of "turn embroidery skills" and lift height in the bottom outsole design.Glowing beast Nike Zoom Rookie "Beast" personal customization edition sneakers lovers appreciate 2013-12-08 Cheap jordans online 22:28:46 Sole Swap and Rebel Aire recently released a customized version of Personal & nbsp; Nike Zoom Rookie "Beast", they In & nbsp; Nike Zoom Rookie "Memphis Blue" as shoes, plus four sets of light bulb, plus the toe at the beast's eyes and fangs, have very wild, the effect is stunning after the lights turned on.Nike's Retro line Nike Sportswear released the latest Field Trainer shoes for the summer of 2011. Streamline the shoes shoes and football shoes contour is similar, uppers are made of leather, suede leather and nylon splicing, coupled with the classic black and white color, the overall Nike will still Sportswear retro atmosphere in the end. In addition, white tennis shoes with a cloth lining and side vent design, to wear comfortable breathable, and wavy horizontal outsole can provide more optimal exercise experience. Free Le Cheap foamposites for sale Bron James in the end is the current LBJ must decide on what path to follow, fans are most concerned about the topic, at this time NIKE did not stop the new color boots release, this is the appearance of the Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IV black red and white color, the shoes with black cloth backing, in the bottom of the white leather. In addition, the shoe is also equipped with black magic, the visible red fishes and red hook, and the tongue and the shoe body side with some red, it is just perfect. For the time being, there is no definite date for its listing. Please lock out the follow-up reports we have for you, and like your friends for your reference.Lining pirates 1.5, " spirit " dynamic attack! Inheritance pirate blood upper with the whole piece of various woven material, with seamless retie one process, mesh Eva air system, the Cheap foamposites for sale bottom is equipped with full palm Bounse+ rebound technology, TPU support sheet, with rubber outsole, December 1, officially on sale, priced at 469 yuan. x black sky blue x red cinnabar number ABAJ035-1black x white x green model ABAJ035-2x red fluorescent light green x blue number ABAJ035-3source: Lining basketball time back to 2000 February 12, the arena in Oakland, 23 year old Vince - Carter, with 5 in mind shocking dunk will the night completely freeze in the long history of the Ambilight. unparalleled imagination, near metamorphosis of executive force, violence and aesthetic perfect combination, in the basketball world artificial and arbitrary art Carter in the wound up Peter redefined the dunk. even 2003 Richardson et al the difficulty coefficient may be superior, but today, Carter starring Jinzhou dream night is still countless fans heart unprecedented, so far no arrivals a classic masterpiece. that such as "after 2000, no dunk" bad mouthing sound can be heard, entertainment, chicken of the slam dunk contest in aesthetic fatigue of the eyes of the fans has come to depleted embarrassment. If Dr. J, Jordan, Wilkins and other predecessors created a precedent for the dunk art, Carter D-Will and 2000 the gluttonous feast has obvious significance. although debut at the beginning will quickly become a Maple City, the absolute protagonist of daily / weekly n + ball marks, but until the five dunk -- and, of course, the Sydney Olympic Games on the tragic death of the deduction appear before the at one stroke he pushed for national idol in North America and even in the whole world. century at the beginning of the NBA, just after Michael Jordan retired, a double blow to the museum closed shut down, to star at the box office for student union are in urgent need of new generation idol to revive the global city, and sportsmanship ornamental excellent Carter is undoubtedly a dose of God. and Jordan with the University of North Carolina, as the height of the body, and no less than bouncing endurance, no wonder stern see Carter dunk after a hilarious said: "his performance lets the basketball to become an exciting sport." since then, Carter logical achievements ticket King three peat 2000-20022004, immodestly, Carter is to dunk and, as an all star, and the existence of. and in 2000 is bounded, NBA officially entered the Shaquille O'Neal, Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Carter, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, McGrady, who add radiance and beauty to each other stars of the era, until 03 a generation of emerging and maturing will once again usher in a wave of transition from the old to the new. in the first few years of the new century, Carter variety of bizarre, unrestrained fly - 360 degree swivel, super large windmill, oops, every man Yan buckle, rod dunk without let fans mesmerizing. each dunk are changed the fate of Jimmy Carter, but has also become a his yoke of bondage, insist on self and controversial and much look forward to working with repeated negative expectations between the rebirth, UFO is always overloaded with flight. people love he puffed up Kit Kat's performance, but easily affixed to the fame of "grandiose Quchong", "in addition to dunk nothing" label, or sigh even blame the difficult negative so-called "Jordan successors", "half man, half god". Carter, of course, is not just a button, or else why do you explain 2〉