11am-12pm Knights of Jedha saber demonstration 11am-12pm Knights of Jedha saber demonstration
12pm-1pm Cosplay Patterning 101:

Patterning out a cosplay can be daunting and there’s no one right way to do it. Come learn some basic techniques and take your cosplay to the next level!

12pm-1pm Foam Working for Beginners:

EVA foam is a great tool for costume builders! No matter what you’re making: Armor and prop building, sewing, and accessories there’s a chance you can use foam as a starting base. Come learn how diverse this tool can be in your crafting.

1pm-2pm Q&A panel with Dameon Clarke and Cris George 1pm-2pm I have an idea, now what?

Authors David Lee Summers and Tamsin Silver discuss how to develop your cool ideas into really awesome stories or novels.

2pm-3pm Q&A panel with Ted Dibiase the Million Dollar Man 2pm-3pm Las Cruces Comic Con Nerdy Trivia Contest
3pm-4pm Q&A panel with Aleks Paunovic 3pm-4pm Las Cruces Comic Con Cosplay Karaoke
4pm-5pm Getting to Know the Characters in your Head:

Authors Tamsin Silver and David Lee Summers discuss how to breathe life into characters you’re writing no matter how far from your own experience they may be.

4pm-5pm Las Cruces Comic Con Cosplay Karaoke
6pm-7pm Costume Contest prep
7pm-? Las Cruces Comic Con Costume Contest sponsored by Rad Retrocade